MTG Builders

a MTG Deck Builder web app

to build the future of Magic

You made this?

I made this.


As a Full Stack Developer, creating MTG Builders has been a great way to further improve my skills in technologies like React, CSS, FaunaDB, and many others.
This doesn't mean that a love of the game hasn't been a factor in my choice.
I'm among those that spent the summers playing Magic under the shade of the trees, while others were chasing first loves fueled by the hot sun.
Worth it!

Can I trust you?

As I've already stated in the Privacy Policy, I delegate a lot of the hard work to other services.
For example, payments are managed by PayPal, and auth by FaunaDB.
All I had to do was reading their docs carefully and following best practices.

Why isn't this free?

I have to pay for a lot of the cool services this web app depends on.
I intend to constantly improve MTG Builders.
If you feel like this project deserves support, and if you can, please consider subscribing!

Will this ever go on sale?

The price you see today is the best price you could ever get.
In marketing, the most crucial tactic is to instill a sense of urgency in the customer, the so-called FOMO (fear of missing out).
"Hurry-up, get this 90% off! Limited offer!" - Looks stupid, but it works.
I know it has worked on me many, many times, but then I've always felt a bad taste in my mouth.
I want you to feel that you matter and that I understand you because I am also you.
Subscribe, join the Discord, and let's build the best future for Magic and for this web app!

A modern MTG Deck Builder needs updates.

Will you continue working on this web app?

Yes! Go to Roadmap to find out what I'm currently working on.

When I try to sub, it says Paypal Error.

Make sure you are not blocking necessary-cookies in any way. Necessary cookies are "the good ones", those essential for browsing the website and using its features, such as accessing secure areas of the site.
You can also try to log-out and log-in again.
Keep your browser up to date.

I have an idea for an app that will make us billionaires!

Of course it will! Reach out to me and let's make it happen.